Algunas sugerencias para facilitar el uso de este programa de presentaciones.


Descarga de plantillas ya listas

Platillas para Impress. No hay mucho menos donde escoger, aunque algunos muy majos.

En estos sitios hay Plantillas para PowerPoint, siempre podemos importarlas a Impress.

Mis plantillas

Pronto, plantillas y fondos para usar en impress.

Creación de plantillas

Como crear una plantilla para Impress con Gimp.

Creación y uso de plantillas en OpenOffice impress en

Manuales y ayudas

Foro oficial (inglés)

FAQ oficial de IMPRESS (Inglés)

  • 001 – How do I insert more than one background into a presentation?
  • 002 – How do I take one slide from an presentation and put it into another presentation?
  • 003 – When I cut and paste from a text document to Presentation, it pastes the text into a completely different size than the original. How do I maintain the text appearance?
  • 004 – How do I create header/footer information in an presentation? I want my information to show up on every slide.
  • 005 – How do I print 2 slides per page from an presentation (one above the other)?
  • 006 – How do you create an organization chart with
  • 007 – I have a MSOffice PowerPoint 97 .PPZ file produced using the ‘Pack and Go’ SaveAs feature. Can this file be opened in Presentation?
  • 008 – How do I modify the format of a date field in Presentation?
  • 009 – How do I create my own presentation template?
  • 010 – I am creating an organization chart. How do I evenly space my boxes?
  • 011 – I have a presentation with light text on a black background. When I print it, I’d like to have black text on a white background. Is this possible?
  • 012 – How do I print the notes with the slides on the same page in Presentation?
  • 013 – I am numbering my slides, but I don’t want the page/slide number to show up on the first slide, because it is my title slide. Is this possible?
  • 014 – I would like to have both landscape and portrait slides in my presentation. Is this possible?
  • 015 – I am trying to export a presentation to HTML. I am getting an error message that says Nonexistent object. Nonexistent file. What’s wrong?
  • 016 – How do I add Text Effects to a Text Box?

Getting Started with Impress

Designing a Good Presentation With Impress.

Creación de plantillas
Como crear una plantilla para Impress con Gimp.

Creación y uso de plantillas en OpenOffice impress en


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  1. Shane Col

    Kudos Javier for your practical suggestions and for sharing with us some useful links above.
    Thanks also to Uli for sharing the link which is simply useful and just fit for my presentations. I’ve checked the site, you’re right, it’s free to download the templates and they also got free PowerPoint tutorials. Kudos to both for my free collection of ppt templates. Thank you!

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